Celebrating 250 Years of the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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Celebrating 250 Years of the New York Cty St. Patrick's Day Parade

Celebrating 250 Years of the New York Cty St. Patrick's Day Parade by John T. Ridge and Lyn Mosher Bushnell, Quinnipiac University Press, 2011

250 Years of Marching:
Through moving text crafted by John T. Ridge, one of New York City’s leading historians, this volume explores the past, present and future of Irish-American pride in a vivid celebration of the nation’s longest-running parade and the people and events who shaped it. The image of the long green line, gallantly marched by the descendants of the seven million who emigrated from Ireland to America over three centuries, illustrates the triumphs of a proud and passionate people.

Drawing from New York’s most precious photographic archives, editor Lynn Mosher Bushnell has assembled a visual history of the parade that unfolds page by page with hundreds of rare and extraordinary photographs. Celebrating 250 Years pays heartfelt tribute to the Irish in America. The annual parade reflects their strength, spirit and passion and contributes to the unique character of New York City. — Turlough McConnell, Co-publisher

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